Sunday, December 29, 2013

Introducing Investing by Accident

Welcome, new loyal reader, to the newest edition to the "by Accident" family! This is the blog that you never knew you were waiting for! We promise to make it easier (or, at least not any harder) for your money to make aliyah. We'll do this by explaining everything you never wanted to know about money in Israel, right down to that final agura.

You can trust us at “by Accident" because we have been bringing advice and levity into people's lives for over a decade. In 2003, we brought you the never-actually-printed cookbook, "Kosher by Accident: Kosher Cooking for the Rest of Us". In this cookbook, we shamelessly copied all the recipes that we found in other places that just happen to be kosher just because they are -- not because anyone designed them to be that way. Our down-to-earth cookbook has made a stand-out kosher chef of many (or, would have, had we actually written it), by not requiring them to use any of those complex cooking things like a "chinois" or a "microplane" or a "candy thermometer". (Actually, that isn't true. You need the chinois to make sorbet and you'll need the microplane to make just about everything. We love the microplane! But you don't really need the candy thermometer for any of our recipes, unless your candy happens to be sick.)

In 2008, the "by Accident" team entered the blogosphere to bring you hands-on sensible advice in Aliyah by Accident. The blog also gives you accidental guidance on how to raise children by letting you learn from all of our mistakes. (You’re welcome, loyal readers!) The success of the blog has already led to the still-not-quite-written book, "Raising Children by Accident: How to Get Them to Leave You Alone So that You Can Read the Paper". The only thing holding us back from completing this book is to figure out how to get them to leave us alone so that we can read the paper. If you know how, please let us know!

The "by Accident" brand has even inspired people from all over to do things like make Aliyah. We don’t know how that happened, but you can read about it on Aliyah on Purpose. We're totally thrilled and inspired by it, and you should be too.

At Investing by Accident, our promise is that you will be able to understand finances in Israel. Or, maybe you won't learn anything at all. Actually, we're not really promising one way or the other. We just think that if you could make aliyah by accident (or on purpose), maybe your money could as well. Let's find out.

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  1. So proud to be the first commenter. I look forward to learning more about helping my money make aliyah.

    I hope that you will tell me that my money does not need to get a driver's license.