Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I-PRAY for Daled until Mem

This week we continue our in-depth analysis of the stocks in the I-PRAY index. It goes without saying that you can buy these stocks to get exposure to the Israeli stock market without the fear of Getting Eaten by PFIC. I certainly would not be mentioning this in order to provide more links for internet search engines to find.


דן מלונות. This is an important stock to own because when all your friends come to visit, you certainly won’t be able to fit them all in your mamad. Instead, just can just refer them to the nearest Dan Hotel, and it will be like putting money right into your own pocket.


הראל השקעות. Harel Group is one of Israel’s larger investment houses and insurance companies. This is a sector that is poised to take off just as soon as Investing by Accident is #1 in the search results for השקעה בקרן נאמנות אזרח ארה"ב.


וילי פוד. We have already been experts in Willi Food for at least the past couple of weeks. Oddly, the Investing by Accident bump has not yet kicked in for this stock. However, this is great news for our new loyal readers because it means you can still get in.


כיל. At first, I thought this company is called, “Kill,” which I thought was super-awesome. Sadly, it turns out they go by the acronym, ICL. They are a “global fertilizer and specialty chemicals company,” which basically means, “something to do with science.”

כפרית. Kafrit sounds like a restaurant, but is actually a manufacturer of “customized Masterbatches and Compounds for the plastic industry.” Basically, “יש!’.


לידר שוקי הון. Leader is a leader (ha!) in the financial services industry, which as you know is poised for explosive growth any minute now.


מגדל ביטוח. Migdal is another large financial services and insurance company. Judging just by the fees that I pay Migdal in my own pension, this company should be profitable for years to come.

מטריקס. In general, I have a negative subconscious bias against software companies. It may be because I can’t understand how there is any real value in software (isn’t it just computer code? why would someone buy that?). Or, maybe it is because I work for one. Either way, you can’t pretend to be an index on the TASE without a software company. After reading through their website, I can honestly say that I have no idea how they make money. However, I do see a lot of cars driving around with their logo which means that in the very least, they have a large corporate car leasing program.

מנדלסון תשת. This company operates subsidiaries in manufacturing of all sorts of things. My Friend who understands “things” and he told me that this company is a “premier manufacturer for plumbing and sprinkler parts.”

מנרב. Minrav is a commercial builder with a specialty in tunnels. The only downside of this company is that their specialty is limited to the summer time only. Or, at least that is what I assume because their tunnel for the train between Modiin and Tel Aviv was out of commission last winter for months after the big rain storm.

מעברות. Ma’aborot “engages in the development, manufacture and marketing of foods and nutritional supplements for people and animals.” Not only do they own the Materna brand of products for babies, they also make food for animals!

You can almost see how the innovation on the Ma’aborot kibbutz took place. Yaron comes home from a long day at the farm. His wife, Nurit, says, “oh no, I ran out of food for the baby Or.” Yaron thinks a moment and then realizes, “I have some left over goat food -- try that!”

If it works for the kids, it will work for the kids! (Ha!) If this company is not what Herzl was envisioning in the Jewish state, I don’t know what is. 


  1. Isn't Microsoft making big investments in Israel? Is that a bad software company to invest in?

  2. Will any of these sectors be affected by the crisis in the Ukraine? Or is that something that is only shared on the premium member conference calls?

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